Living dual life

(Mid 19th centaury) Trains, the Britishers started in India.India-Train-3ob-aj418_mumbai_20070417131124

Since then,they have become part of life.When you travel in local trains at peak hours,you will find each coach as a one joint-family.They recognise them by face,shout at each other by their surnames.They don’t even know their first name.Their age,religion,occupation,looks disappear.The only thing they know is they travel in the same train at the same time,that makes them connected.

Most of the people empty their tiffin in the train by the time they reach their workplace! They share a single newspaper. They share the earphone.

These people live quite unsatisfactory life and this trainlife makes their life complete.The trainlife gives them reason to smile,to feel that they are ‘something’.People know them in this train,once stepped out of the railway station,they are again what they are.

It is said,being what you are originally,gives pleasure to your very self,but this line seems to be proven wrong for these people.They have to live two faced life to fulfil their urge of being ‘someone’ in this small world.They are common men.

Sometimes it feels that in heterogeneous population of India,trains contribute to the unity,tolerance and sense of adjustment,at least they provide examples limited upto trains.

Did I mention the tea served by the vendors?? Winking smile



About Bhagyesh Pathak

Traveller, Reader, Rationalist, Biotechnologist, Science communicator. An avid learner of new things. Enjoys reading books, blogging, gazing at sky, working on hobby electronics projects, practicing Guitar chords and watching movies. An advocate of skill-development for everyone and immediate-renaissance in the field of education. Supporter of Mars Colonization by humans (Our Next Giant Leap)
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