Blood boils when…

Blood never boils until and unless we feel so much care for an issue or  a person.

My blood boiled when I read this news today:

“ROHTAK: Haryana’s khap mahapanchayat has blamed films and TV for the recent spate of rapes in the state and asked the government to bring down the marriageable age to prevent them.”- The Times of India

If  you don’t know what this khap is. It is a system of social administration and organization in the republics of North-western Indian states such as Haryana, Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh. So,they are nothing but the local leaders governing the committee.


The men in the photo are the members of the khap mahapanchayat. They are given the work of local administration. Most of them are from the family tradition. They come from the regions where no quality education is available, I don’t need to say they even don’t know proper English.

Now,the question is that, can these grey-haired men lead the village in proper direction? Are they eligible to question the modernisation in India? These, illiterate people can not take proper decision because as we can see in the photo, the men who take pride in smoking such hazardous rough tobacco, can not think for the betterment of the people. Betterment starts from self.

When the rape cases are increasing,they are thinking that it is due to the electronic media. Their shameful suggestion of lowering the age of marriage is such an absurd! First of all,the main reason is the declining female ratio in their regions resulting in single males looking for females and the rape cases. Now,what makes this female ration decline is well known. It is the burning desire of these illiterate men to have a son,not a daughter. These brainless illiterate people don’t hesitate to attempt female foeticide or honor-killing. They lower down the sex ratio and now they are blaming the TV channels! Shameless leaders.

These idiotic people think that the guys who are not mature enough to control their sexual desire, are mature enough to marry even at more younger age!

What about the child-marriages? As all of us know,child-marriages have not disappeared from such villages, these illiterate want to legalize child-marriages by such decisions.  Even the legal age of 18 years is not enough for a girl to fully support a child in the womb, now these khap want to lower this age limit even more!

The laws should be changed and this kind of khap must be shaded. India is free and modern, does not require any such non-sensible illiterate leaders.


“We are all born sexual creatures,thank God, but it’s a pity so many people despise and crush this natural gift.”
― Marilyn Monroe


About Bhagyesh Pathak

Traveller, Reader, Rationalist, Biotechnologist, Science communicator. An avid learner of new things. Enjoys reading books, blogging, gazing at sky, working on hobby electronics projects, practicing Guitar chords and watching movies. An advocate of skill-development for everyone and immediate-renaissance in the field of education. Supporter of Mars Colonization by humans (Our Next Giant Leap)
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