Arvind Kejriwal : from Protest to Politics

The politics is an interesting field where new personalities emerge. New political techniques are implemented every time. India is facing a great political agitation. Every era gives a new political leader.

Anna Hazare is the symbol of anticorruption campaign. But as the team has divided, Anna Hazare has disappeared. The man who is in the news is Arvind Kejriwal.

Arvind Kejriwal, a 44 years old social activist is making news nowadays. He is young as in terms of politics. He is an engineer from prestigious IIT Kharagpur. We don’t need to mention, he is an intelligent guy. He is married and having two children. He has spent his life in social activity. He debuted in politics just before a few months, now he is activist-turned-political leader. The party is named India Against Corruption (IAC). The pace at which he is exposing the scams every week, he seems to be a ray of hope for the country. Is he really a ray of hope?

Let us see,what has he done? He has exposed so-called irregularities in the business deals of the government, he has done a good job. He has also questioned the opposition party.

Now,what is the current scenario? UPA lead Congress and NDA lead BJP are the biggest parties in the country. Every Indian knows that at some or other extend, every party is corrupt. What has Mr. Kejrival said new? If you ask any citizen, he will say that Kejriwal just made a statement claiming and targeting with figures. We all people know the fact. Nothing new.

Why Anna Hazare and Kejriwal separated is also an important aspect to be understood. If Kejriwal remained attached with Anna, he would have been hindered by the personality of Anna. people trust Anna the most. Kejrival got an icon during the Lokpal Bill agitation and after getting the nationwide popularity as a coworker of Anna, he separated from Anna. In his newly formed party, he is the only personality iconic in eyes of people. This is a very simple mathematics.

So,what can be the motto of Kejriwal? He separated from Anna. He questioned Congress party. He pointed BJP. He says “I’m sent by the god”. He wants to set up the third front before the country to be voted to power. He wants himself as an icon of anticorruption political leader. If you, reader can correlate this movements with Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, you will understand that it is like giving the whole political control to a single person.

Is corruption really a problem? Well, yes it is a problem but the way Kejriwal is trying to conduct an agitation, it seems that he is protesting for popularity. Corruption does not disappear like a magic. It takes time and still corruption remains. USA and other developed countries have corruption too. So,if Mr. Kejriwal is showing the people a dream of a country without any corruption, he is lying. He is exploiting the scam chapters exposed in the last 3 years and diverting the feeling of people towards him. Under the name of IAC, whatever he is doing right now, he could do the same remaining with Anna. But he did not.

Whatever the thing is, we are thankful to Kejriwal for his pro-RTI activities which he had carried out in the past. But the one-person-centric attitude is not a good signal.

You have to become pig to win the fight against a pig.  You have to take support of corruption if you want to fight against corruption. When any new political party is created, it has to pass through a lot of paperwork and approvals and these approvals are not given without bribing. Mr. Kejriwal, please don’t say, you have not bribed anyone to facilitate the formation of the party.


“My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side, for God is always right.”
― Abraham Lincoln


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