Our cruel tributes

The years 2011-2012 have been the year of shocks. Many well-known people have died.

The thing is that they were not only well-known, many of them were trend setter or we can say that they were those who gave us our present convenient lives.While some added entertainment,smiles and happiness in our lives.

The list is too much long, I can’t give justification to all of them. So,read this list if you are interested in knowing.  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deaths_in_2012


What my point of discussion is, have we given justification or a true tribute to them? There is one trend of painting that person as a hero after his/her death. The newspapers, magazines print the greatness and contribution they have done. In mere a week, their names disappear and the routine continues.

We are only interested in posthumous praises and condolences of the valuable personalities. We don’t pay tribute to them when they are alive. Think, do they hear whatever we say about them after they die? Of course not! The death means ‘Death’ only.

It is a trend continued since a very old-time. We don’t have time to give the person the respect when he/she is in the old age or at deathbed.

In my opinion, it is one type of cruelty that we practice.

The person who was once a celebrity or who had spent his whole life in researching for a drug or to invent a machine, does not get any attention when he is to die.

Such persons never expect anything except that their work, their contribution should be appreciated before they take the eternal sleep.

Probably, we have failed in expressing our gratitude when they were alive.

If our close relatives and especially our children do not express what we mean to them before our last breath, think what we would be feeling. Expression of gratitude matters.

Remember, all that matters is what the person feels at the moment of the last breath, all other matters are secondary.


“It is said that your life flashes before your eyes just before you die. That is true, it’s called Life.”
Terry Pratchett, The Last Continent


About Bhagyesh Pathak

Traveller, Reader, Rationalist, Biotechnologist, Science communicator. An avid learner of new things. Enjoys reading books, blogging, gazing at sky, working on hobby electronics projects, practicing Guitar chords and watching movies. An advocate of skill-development for everyone and immediate-renaissance in the field of education. Supporter of Mars Colonization by humans (Our Next Giant Leap)
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