Things that connect us to the GOD

I recently watched a Hindi movie namedOMG! Oh my god and the result is the same as it has happened to every writer of India, I couldn’t resist writing on the subject of the God. Almost every writer has written after watching that movie.


Have you felt so much ecstatic in life? Dopamine just don’t stop in the brain and you feel like on cloud nine. I’m not talking about the feeling of happiness after having drugs or a drink.

You feel so good and you get a sound sleep effortlessly. You enjoy your working day or attending lectures. You keep smiling unconsciously.

This is the feeling felt when we help selflessly, we pray for nothing, we feel gratitude, we work for a Nobel cause.


God wants us to be happy in the happy times of life and considerably sad in the sad times of life. God expects us to maintain what he has created.

So, I thought about the things which connect us to the God.


Every religion is based on only one principle,Love Love & Love.

When you love the moments;environment; people and life, you feel close to the god. It is an unexplainable feeling.


The rhythm in which the verses are enchanted in every religion signifies the importance of music. I’m talking about the music which gives peace.


We are social animals. Peace has to be maintained and that’s why religions have been made, to maintain the society and the love. A peaceful place like any hill station or a beach brings peace out of us. Isn’t it a great feeling?


The first citation of word meditation is found in the Hindu religious literature. Meditation gives a life force,peace, rhythm to the life.


A selfless help does a good job. Without expecting anything, when you help a needy, it is all for the feeling of being close to the god. But help should be given to the person who deserves it, the need is a secondary thing.

No matter you believe in god or not, watch this movie. (For readers other than Indians,English subtitles are there.)


Interviewer : “What does a religion do in life of an individual?”

Paresh Rawal : “According to me, it makes man either helpless or a terrorist.”

In movie ‘Oh my god (2012)’



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