Modi-rule : Season 3


Narendra Modi : A man with vision, a person with mission.

Okay,so, the judgement week has come closer.

#GujaratElection is the trending topic in every news channel of India.

All pre-poll surveys are confident of Modi’s 3rd term as the Ho’ble Chief Minister of Gujarat.

The surveys have many ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’. The reason is very simple, the survey conductor companies are non-Gujarati. To understand the Modi-ism, you have to be a gujarati.



As being an average  gujarati, I know what Narendra Modi means to people.

Modi means development.

Modi means brand.

Modi means controversies.

Modi means a stinging speaker.

Modi means power.

Modi means the attitude.

Modi means arrogant.(In my St. Xavier’s College days, we used to say, I’m not arrogant, just better.)

Modi means politics.

Modi means technology.

Modi means standardization.

Modi means work holism.

Modi means vibrant.

Modi means vision.

Modi means crowd puller.

Modi means Gujarat.


Modi : A man who is mysterious master of the politics –

It is simply impossible to calculate what would be the next step of his political game. He is the creator of the new political horizon. Chanakya is obsolete now.

Modi: A man who has a hypnotic personality –

An interesting thing about his personality is the aura around him. There are number of incidents when the leaders with anger and complain in their mind approach him, they return pleasing about him.

Modi:A man who has sharp,fluent,anchoring,humorous,to-the-point speech –

If you don’t understand gujarati, then you have missed the most dramatic,anchoring and taunt full speech of Modi. When he speaks, he roars. (One example of how people love his speech: One of my friends told me that his mom does not allow loud volume of the television, but when Modi is on television, the volume is at its peak.)

Modi: A man who is trend setter –

India has never witnessed so many trends in the administration & election. Modi has a direct access to every officer of the government just a mouse click away on his desk. Election campaigning had never been so much excited before. Modi-masks, Modi-statues, Modi-toys and the latest-3D Holographic Projection Technology. He is a cult guy.

Modi: A man who is not corrupted –

This is the most promising aspect of Modi. He is not corrupt and he is not corruptible. He is excited by idea of power, not by money.

Modi:  A man who is one man army –

For 2012 election campaign, Modi has side-lined every local leader by reaching to all constituencies by addressing through 3D Holographic Projection. This is a risk, but Modi knows it is not a risk, it is the moment to prove his one man army image.

Modi: A man who is larger than his life –

He is always the most suitably dressed. Hair-cut and shaving perfectly worked upon. He has an attitude which projects him as a larger than life person. None of the leaders of Gujarat or India are as charismatic as Modi.

Modi: A man who has art to convert disaster into opportunity –

He has instant plans for every disaster he comes across. The recent drought like condition is the best example of his extracting opportunity out of disaster.

Modi: A man who is news-maker –

The national media is mostly living upon the news made up from Modi all the time. He knows which ball to hit and which not to.

Modi: A man who is the most controversial politician of the history of India –

Controversy is the shadow of Modi. If there is not a controversy, media find out or make a controversy. So, ultimately he is the centre of controversies. 2002 riots is a never-lasting controversy.

Modi: A man who is a cover page-maker of the TIME Magazine –

He has not remained a regional leader. He got place on the TIME’s cover page. This is not a negligible incident. It is a history.

Modi: A man who keeps people updated by social-networking sites –

This man keeps people updated with his daily updates on what he is doing and what is the next plan of his government. Being connected with him means getting updates directly from the chief minister’s desk.


Modi had removed every cast based nuisance but some selfish and so-called leaders of the communities have raised the cast-ism again but, those who think that the cast-ism factor raised by them is going to work, they are as dumb as their agenda. Modi has created a new path every time and this is such a time. Gujaratis are intelligent people, they have never given rule to any chief minister  for such a long time, it simply indicates that this guy has passed all their tests.

So…summing up his all works,his personality,his administration,his strategies,his marketing,his branding and his being Gujarati-spirit-all make him a doubtless 3rd inning winner.

This winter, Modi Season-3 is coming.



“I’m not fighting for designation of chief minister, I’m fighting for Self esteem of Gujarat’.” 

(હું મુખ્યમંત્રી પદ માટે નથી લઢી  રહ્યો , હું ગુજરાત નાં સ્વાભિમાન માટે લઢી રહ્યો છું )

Narendra Modi, in a speech, 2007

P.S. : A speech by famous Bollywood Gujarati Paresh Raval, worth listening to him.


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