Mark of shame : Kill the rapists unlawfully

Many of my readers would think this guy is writing mostly about only women. But guys, the country is giving me no chance to think about the problems related to the women.

No images today for this article, just a mark of shame:


As you’d be knowing, the Delhi gang rape is the incident which has made me write this article.

The lady (23 years old should not be designated a girl) was gang raped in a running bus by 4 monsters. I don’t find any other word other than Monsters for them. The whole country has concentrated on that lady and the authorities are working fast for the law to get the work done.

Here is the question: What should be done to these rapists?

I read several articles in which the writers are saying “killing these rapists would not end the rape cases in the country, we need to change our attitude towards women, we need to respect them.”

But, what I’m thinking is why to spare these rapists who have done such a heinous work which can never be forgiven. Sorry, I don’t believe in law procedures when it’s about rape. Why to give the rapists even that much time to live!! Law should be followed when the offender has done something which is forgivable. Any rapist has no right to live.

And, yes, to those writers who think that “killing the rapists won’t end rape cases”, let’s kill them firstly , then we will see to change our attitude about women. This attitude, respect etc can be taught later on after killing the rapists also.

And, after all, who the hell cares about law when you get to bed at night and think about the whole day. And repent about the lady who was raped and the rapists still live on this earth.

These men turned monsters don’t have right to live even a minute more.

I just pray the god that the public keep these protests.

Oh, dear, God kill those rapists.


It is better to kill a criminal slowly, death is something to be feared.


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Traveller, Reader, Rationalist, Biotechnologist, Science communicator. An avid learner of new things. Enjoys reading books, blogging, gazing at sky, working on hobby electronics projects, practicing Guitar chords and watching movies. An advocate of skill-development for everyone and immediate-renaissance in the field of education. Supporter of Mars Colonization by humans (Our Next Giant Leap)
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