Rachel’s letter to Bruce in The Dark Knight

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Dear Bruce, I need to be honest and clear.

I’m going to marry Harvey Dent. I love him and I want to spend the rest of my life with him.

When I told you that if Gotham no longer needed Batman we could be together, I meant it.

But now I’m sure the day won’t come when you no longer need Batman. I hope it does and if it does I will be there, but as your friend.

I’m sorry to let you down.

If you lose your faith in me, please keep your faith in people.

Love, now and always, Rachel.

This is the letter which remains unknown to Bruce Wayne in the movie The Dark Knight.

What is significant in the letter is the “faith”.

Rachel tells Bruce not to lose faith in the people. But the truth is that if you lose faith in the person whom you trusts the most, you never trust any other people that much in the whole life.

Rachel’s letter is very much simple, straight and mature. But from the view of the human tendency, the suggestion of not losing faith in people was immature. Thanks to the wise Alfred who burnt the letter.

Anyways, after all, it’s just a movie story. But, The Dark Knight is much more than a movie.



Movies are inspiration based stories, the inspiration is someone’s life or many people’s lives!


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6 Responses to Rachel’s letter to Bruce in The Dark Knight

  1. claratsi says:

    a very good and pivotal scene to pick out. I liked how it was revisited in TDKR

  2. “The Dark Knight is much more than a movie” ,,so true .. 🙂

  3. amazing post you have here, thanks a ton for sharing it!

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