Abraham Lincoln : Mr. President whom people loved


The historical Hollywood movie Lincoln released in 2012 having touch of legendary filmmaker Steven Spielberg.

Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of United States.

The person, known for his great work and his philosophy.

In Lincoln (2012), Daniel De Luis played the character of Lincoln. When three times oscar winner actor plays the character of historical and grand figure like Lincoln, it can be imagined at what extend the actor would have re-lived the character.

What makes Abraham Lincoln so special that the society remembers him even today and after nearly 150 years of his death, filmmakers die to make a film about him?

Abraham Lincoln was an excellent speaker. Being a lawyer by profession, excellent communication skill is naturally expected. He could convince anyone having an opposite view by his calm and wise arguments. He was a determined decision maker. He seemed a gentle man by his looks, speeches and actions. His humorous nature is as well very well-known.

Americans are lucky who have got a chance to elect such a man as a president. Simple, sober and wise.

All civics books carry a very famous line defining the democracy : “Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”  This sensible meaning of democracy was given by Abraham Lincoln.

The best duty which Lincoln performed was abolishing the slavery from US. Slavery was the black dot for the US culture. It was like an inhuman act. Slaves were treated like animals. Gradually the time changed and people realised that the slavery was not a tradition to be taken proud of. But, who would come forward to remove such a social sin? Because, there was also a whole class of people who wanted the slavery to be retained. In spite of many hurdles, Lincoln managed to pass the law to abolish slavery from the society. It was not an easy job to get 2/3rd of the majority in house of representatives. But, when the motto is good, all universe help in accomplishing the job. Lincoln movie is made after a much more research. It gives a taste of the typical 19th century.

The second and equally important work accomplished by Lincoln was keeping the country stable throughout the American Civil War. The decisions taken by Lincoln shows that the president has to take some hard steps for the survival of the country.

The good people make many enemies. So Lincoln did. He was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth. And the sun in the history of American Civilization set.

Now, the question is when I think about such excellent political leaders who made a mark in the history, I feel there is probably no such personality present in todays time.

There seems a lot remaining to be done in the world. Poverty and other basic problems have not disappeared from the world yet. Additionally, we are introduced to new problems and challenges everyday.

P.S. (Watch movie ‘The Help‘ for glimpse of slavery in US)


“As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master. This expresses my idea of democracy.” 
― Abraham Lincoln



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4 Responses to Abraham Lincoln : Mr. President whom people loved

  1. Samuel Kuye Oladimeji says:

    Every government wants to achieve ten things at a time; promising to do seven thing when three can hardly be achieved. I thing focus must be restored first- one problem at a time. However, people aren’t patient with the govt. So, it’s tackle all, solve few or none and create more problems. God help us.

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  3. EVONIA says:


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