Aam Aadmi Party : Politics is not for everyone

Polling officer checks an EVM at a distribution centre in Agartala

With the declaration of  Assembly Election results in Five States of India, a new chapter started in the history of Indian politics. Indian National Congress faced a defeat while Bharatiya Janta Party clean swept four of the five states. For BJP, It is a dream win while for Congress it is unexpected defeat.

The print and electronic media highlighted the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) a real hero in spite of not having majority to form the government in Delhi. In fact,no party had 2/3rd majority,required to form a steady government. The BJP having 32 seats could form a government if it wanted but as everyone knows, the forthcoming General Election has given BJP a big hope to get power in the center. If BJP forms a government by horse trading or by any other means, they know that in duration of 5-6 months, no work can be implemented as promised in the election manifesto. So, after a high drama, BJP declined to form a government and rolled the ball into AAP’s court,that is the second major party. Here the story starts.

As highlighted by media, AAP was a hero on the election results day. Surely, a party having no political experience and roots managed to get huge numbers of 28 assembly seats is a miracle in itself. Until the lieutenant governor of Delhi invited the AAP party to form a government, the leaders were giving only one statement about forming the government : “We will neither give nor take support from anyone and will serve as a constructive opposition.”  Okay,that’s good. But after the BJP denied forming government and the day after the AAP got invitation from the lieutenant governor, the tone and content of the statement changed entirely. They in fact, were thinking to form a government by the support of Congress. (Remember,the Congress declared to give an unconditional support to help the AAP form government much before in advance.) Now, the problem with AAP was that, if they take support of Congress, they lose their credibility in people. On the other hand, people want to see the government of AAP. Due to the ‘unconditional support’ of Congress, it is clear that the Congress has nothing to do with the AAP executive works, Congress will not let the government collapse at least for 6 months.


Now let us go to the day when AAP leader Arvind Kejriwal met lieutenant governor and came out to address the press reporters. At this moment, people expected him to say that his party was going to form a government with the support of Congress. People wanted to hear that unlike BJP, AAP was going to give some better news and start the works they promised. But people felt disappointed because Mr. Arvind Kejriwal opened his mouth and spoke about challenging BJP and Congress with a complete nonsense letter containing 18 topics. He wanted BJP and Congress to sign the letter and give a writing consent that whatever topics were mentioned will be supported by both the parties. This is the height of the foolishness and immaturity. First of all, the government has two branches: Legislative and Executive. Legislative branch deals with making laws and policies while executive branch deals with functioning the government. Legislative works need majority votes in the assembly, which is the character of democracy. On the other hand, the executive works are done by the leaders of the government, here, no support of any party is needed. If the government wants to do any work in favor of the state, it can easily do without any interference. Mr. Kejriwal has proposed most of the topics to be signed which are of executive nature. Congress and BJP can not do anything even if they sign or not, it is a complete nonsense. So, with those 18 topics, AAP has proved them good for nothing at last.

One of the funny issue raised in that 18 topic letter is topic no-7 :

kejriwal-2_660_101712090954“There is 220 litres of water available for every person daily. Where is it? ”

Are you crazy? You have promised 700 liter daily supply of water to every family and when you are in condition of advantage, you are asking the former government about where is the 220 liter water! If Mrs. Sheila Dikshit knew about it, she would have not lost the election! 

The further discussion about the 18 topics in the next article!

Anyways, it is hard to believe that highly educated Delhi public fell for the impractical election manifesto of AAP. Some of them as I remember are : 50% decrease in electricity bills, removal of VIP culture, 700 liter daily water supply to every family.

Come on team AAP, public wants you to prove yourselves as an alternative, it’s your turn now.

In short, my sympathies are with those who wasted their precious vote after AAP candidate. If they had voted for BJP or Congress, the Chief Minister office would have started working and some or other way, the common man would not have to suffer more because in election and post-election days, it is hard to get one’s government affair looked after as there is no higher authority present, everyone is in vacation mood.

Spark:                                                                                                                                                     AAP got the benefit of the public frustration and anger,                                                             the same anger will vanish them for taking people for granted. 


AAP manifesto : http://tinyurl.com/kxpx25x


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