Plagiarism checking is quite easy : Try Viper software

Before starting today’s article, let me be clear about why I’m writing this article.

Before a week, I came across this plagiarism checker software named : Viper. I used it to check possible accidental plagiarism in my thesis. I liked this software and shared the usefulness of this software to my friend circle. Within a week, I got so many queries regarding the name of the software from people dealing with plagiarism in their field. So, I thought to share this useful software information via blog, hope, people like me will find it useful.

plagiarism(1)What exactly Plagiarism is? Plagiarism is the “wrongful appropriation” and “purloining and publication” of another author’s “language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions,” and the representation of them as one’s own original work.

The world is dealing with plagiarism in every field. Especially in academia and journalism. Millions of people are undertaking number of research or literature work and it is practically impossible to assess the originality of their work because no person has time to cross check every written word with pre-published hundreds of million articles. But it doesn’t mean that plagiarism can not be tackled. In this era of internet, almost every needed documents are online available, so the developers have come up with the softwares which can check the documents automatically for the plagiarism.

There are different means by which these softwares operate. Most common type of checking is string search, that means, the software searches for string of words consisting 4-5 words in a row. For example : If person-A has copied a sentence from a published authentic work of person-B, the software will show the sentence matching to the original document. The beauty of these softwares is that they show a comparative analysis so that one can easily understands if the shown thing is actual plagiarism or a mere accident.

Coming to this software Viper, the reason I’m recommending it is simple :  It is free! The software processes some 500 queries a day if you are going for a free sign up. It is enough for anyone who has no hurry to check the whole document. The result analysis is depicted at the end of the analysis. People like simple use interface, yes, Viper carries it.


Sharing the links:

Viper anti-plagiarism software :

You will need some supporting softwares which are essential to help Viper recognize document type i.e. MS office document, pdf document, image file etc.

Supporting softwares:

Have your documents scanned and spread the word.

pla1 plagiarism



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