Why the off-record leaked video of Kejriwal really matters

I guess most of the internet users would have watched the leaked video footage of Arvind Kejriwal’s interview. The interview was aired on a leading TV channel Aaj Tak.

This mere one minute long video clip has created a storm. The video was uploaded on 9th March this year and within a day, it crossed one million views! It has become viral on the entire internet. If you haven’t watched it,here it is:

Okay,so let me clarify, it is a genuine video as Arvind Kejriwal himself reacted by saying “there is nothing wrong in this video.” And the Aam Aadmi Party also accepts it a real footage.

When I came across this video, I watched it a few times and I was really interested in this video because I had watched the interview on the TV. This video contains two parts -the first one is the talk between Kejriwal and the journalist in the break. While the second part is immediately after the end of the interview.

Coming to the main point. Why this video is of so much importance.

Kejriwal tells the journalist : “The corporate thing was very much theoretical so that I was not coming to that. I didn’t want to say that we are against privatization because if I said so the entire middle class would become anti. Therefore I was not going into that debate intentionally. Ask me other things.”

Journalist to Kejriwal : “And..this 80% of society which is sidelined..”

Kejriwal responds : “Yes..I will speak on that.”

journalist : “Yes, come to this point because it(80% sidelined people) is the main vote-bank in the country. We are doing this for them.”

Kejriwal : “Sure. I had forgotten. I had forgotten to speak that.”

“I don’t want to say that ‘private companies are doing this and any government that comes to power will take commission from them.’ Because by saying this, I will neglect the private sector which is not right.”

After the interview is finished,

Kejriwal asks : “Was it okay?”

Journalist : “It was revolutionary, very revolutionary.”

Kejriwal : “Play that(interview portion containing a talk on Bhagat Singh ) more.”

Journalist : “Of course, of course, it will be played.. I mean the Bhagat Singh part will get great reactions.”

So,this is the conversation between Kejriwal and journalist Punya Prasoon Bajpayee.

Analyze this video as you want. But what I can see in this video is described  in this article.

It is expected that any interview should be extempore. The prepared interviews are as rubbish as a fixed match. The interview was of 43 minutes long, in which the talk about Bhagat Singh comes after roughly 30 minutes, then how come the photo frame of Bhagat Singh was present into background of the interview scene? It clearly depicts the interview was fixed or rather scripted.

The conversation reveals the real face of Kejriwal, he is against privatization in reality but, he doesn’t want to show his real thoughts because he has fear of losing the middle class votes. Denial to privatization is denial to employment.

Kejriwal is not ready to speak against corporate-government nexus. (Mind well, the interview was taken on the completion of one month as a Delhi CM.) After 49 days, as we all know Kejriwal made corporate-political party nexus an issue and has kept it an issue till today.

The vote-bank word was used by the journalist, Kejriwal agreed with him. It means that Kejriwal believes that the 80% of the population which is sidelined is mere a vote-bank. If he  is really seeing the common man as a vote bank,he should stop saying : “We are not here to gain power.” Mr. Kejriwal, everyone including you is present in political system to gain power. Power is not a bad thing but pretending that you are not interested in it, is a bad thing.

And lastly, the disastrous indirect try to showcase himself as a modern Bhagat Singh shows Kejriwal’s character. Trying to cash Bhagat Singh’s name is the last level of dirty politics.

Anyways, there are supporters and critics. When you take a look at the comments under this YouTube video, there are supporters who think there is nothing wrong in the video,but they are ignoring the minute facts represented in the video.

The full interview is here:

I really wonder what would have happened if Rahul Gandhi had fixed his interview with Arnab Goswami or Narendra Modi had fixed his interview with Karan Thapar.

Suggestions and criticism are warmly welcome!


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