Minorities, Secularism and Politics – An introspection



WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India
to secure to all its citizens:

JUSTICE, social, economic and political;

LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;

EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;

and to promote among them all

FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and
integrity of the Nation;

IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this twenty-sixth day of

The above quoted statements are the underlying philosophy of the constitution of India.

As the India is a ll set to enter the 16th General election, every political party is busy playing every possible card to woo people. Since the freedom of the India, this is the first election which is the most dramatic and high voltage. There are different reasons for that but we will talk about it some other day.

Indian elections are the most complex ones because there is a diverse type of population existing. Especially, religiously, the population is very much diverse. See the graph.Religion in India   Wikipedia  the free encyclopedia so the Hindus are the majority of population in the country of 120 million people. The Islamist lie at the second position, however far less than Hindus. In India, whenever the word ‘Minority’ is used, it indirectly means ‘Muslims’ because other minorities are even lesser than the Muslims.

All of the political parties have tried to appease the minorities one or the other way. Of all the political parties,the Indian National Congress has remained in power for as long as 60 years! For all the years, this Congress party has intelligently fooled the minorities by minority appeasement and pseudo-secular mask.

A few days before the INC president Mrs. Sonia Gandhi urged top Muslim cleric to vote for INC because she does not want ‘secular votes to be split’ ! This is the height of politics.

A major portion of society now feels that being Hindu (Majority) is being communal. This idea-this feeling is sowed by the ruling congress party and the MSM (Main Stream Media). Not all Hindus are communal, everyone has the ‘LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship’. It must be noticed that most of the people trying to paint Hindus communal are themselves Hindu. Still, it is remarkable how they perform their duty of spitting the venom everyday. For the politicians and journalists, it is a duty with vested intentions but they are not able to foresee the future implications of their deeds.

The secularism word is so much rubbed that it has lost its shining. The scenario is such that if you talk about secularism, you yourself is doubted to be the communal one. This is the condition of today’s India.

The upliftment of minority was needed during the initial years after the independence. In past 67 years, no ground effort is done and still the minorities favor the INC. It is high time now. The governments which didn’t deliver in 67 years, will never deliver in next 67 years for sure.

The reservation system has been of no use because empowerment starts from the zero stage, not from the last stage.  If the government had paid enough attention in the primary education and employment, it would have never had to think about implicating reservation schemes in higher education.

India is a secular country. The constitution itself gives right to equal opportunity! Then why to think about minority reservations? Let us see a latest example of minority appeasement, which will shock.

BkbleLPCMAA3m6r This is how Mamta Banerjee is appeasing the minority. There are other means by which you can facilitate the growth of certain community, but why to cut other communities’ rights in the name of reservation and upliftment. West Bengal is already facing Naxalism, why not to work for the socio-economic reformation?

How can we forget the much hyped Aam Aadmi Party? They started by anti-corruption movement and now see what they are doing?

Bj1hlBVCQAA3H3A So,Mr. Kejriwal launched a ‘Road-map for Indian Muslims’. Oh, did we hear such road-map for Indian Christians (2.9% ) or Shikhs (1.6%) any day?



BJP is no different from other, they are also trying to woo Muslims. See how Mr. Rajnath Singh met Muslim cleric in election season. Yes,there should not be any cut in communication, but intentions matter.


No other country in the world offers such reservations. Does Pakistan or UAE offer reservation to Hindu or Christians? Does the USA offer reservation to Hindu or Muslims? NO. The irony is that the same Muslims work hard and excel without reservations. (FYI: See the graph showing secular, non-secular countries of the world. Remember, only India is trying hard to prove its secularism by appeasing minorities.)



Concluding note is that, it is for Muslims to decide, do they want a real growth or remain where they have been kept since the time of independence.


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