Narendra Modi : Man of the moment

The year was 2001. The indian state Gujarat was hit by 7.7 magnitude of earthquake on 26th January,2001. It took lives of around 20,000 people and over 100 thousands were injured. It was the most devastating natural disaster in the history of Gujarat. The government was not ready for it. The chief minister of Gujarat Keshubhai Patel was unable to provide efficient relief to the affected people & proved to be a very weak administrator. As a result, he had to resign from the post and a new person named Narendra Modi was given the authority of chief minister on 7th October,2001. Mr. Modi, a man who had never fought any election but had done all back stage management in the RSS (Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh) and BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) ,was a naive about administration. Narendra Modi worked hard, created a special task force, the rehabilitation process was fast-tracked, bureaucracy was strictly questioned until the rehabilitation completed. This was an accomplishment which would not have been possible if scientific and public-private partnership approach had not been applied.

But the February,2002 Godhra riots made Narendra Modi evil-like person. It was another fact that a separate group of people including some media houses and NGOs portrayed Narendra Modi as a devil. Even up to date, the Wikipedia page has not given a single bite about the gigantic post-earthquake rehabilitation work done by Narendra Modi government. (Though Narendra Modi doesn’t want a certificate from any media, people know he has worked.)

Narendra Modi Wikipedia the free encyclopedia


After 2002 riots, Narendra Modi was thoroughly investigated. The apex court of India formed SIT did not find any evidence of Narendra Modi’s role in riots. But the group of people with vested interest continued the malign campaign against Narendra Modi.

Modi sad 2005

After 2005,Narendra Modi did not respond to criticism/attacks over riots and continued his focus on the development work in the state. Here is where he had found the key to all answers. He organized global investment summits and developed international economic relations. His visionary policies of agriculture and energy field made Gujarat an agricultural & power surplus state. The reader must take a note that 300 million citizens of india have no or non-frequent electricity access according to a report of Government of India in December,2011. Only states which provide continuous electricity are Gujarat & Madhyapradesh. Before Narendra Modi take over the chief minister chair, the condition was no better than the rest of the India, so people know Narendra Modi has worked for them.

The humiliation started by media, NGOs and politicians since 2002 was so much intense & frequent that Narendra Modi became a talking point not only in Indian media but also in international media. Moreover, United States of America refused Narendra Modi visa due to allegations of massacre of people. On the other hand, people gave four times mandate to Narendra Modi as a chief minister. This four-time mandate was enough to prove that he had really done things on ground, therefore the critics had nothing to speak against him other than ‘2002 riots’. But as mostly it happens in the history, the flow of time reverses. This time, this man himself reversed the flow of time.

Gujarat's Chief Minister Narendra Modi addresses his supporters during an election campaign rally at Dokar village in Gujarat October 11, 2012. REUTERS/Amit Dave/FilesModi masks

In the state of Gujarat, people had realized that this man had potential to function as a Prime minister and therefore people gave him mandate in 2012 so as to rise his stature in the Bharatiya Janata Party. As it happened, Narendra Modi started canvassing for himself and marketed the work he had done in Gujarat. He interacted with college students, businessmen, farmers, lawyers and teachers. It must be understood that the rise of Narendra Modi was on the perfect time, or better to say, he recognized the time. The ruling congress party had failed on every aspect of governance and was facing a strong anti-incumbency.

It is very natural that people are always in search of hope. Narendra Modi gave them hope. Being an influential speaker, he left a long-lasting effect on the mind of people. Youngsters were convinced that there was no other leader who could replace Narendra Modi. He had convinced people that the only answer to all questions was development & strong decision-making leader.

Narendra modi 3d hologram technology

Due to Narendra Modi’s private army of social media, his message spread wide portion of people. On the basis of his popularity and track record of 13 years of decisive governance, the BJP declared him as the Prime Ministerial candidate in september 2013. This was a milestone in the history of India because a childhood tea vendor boy was a Prime Minister nominee.

Narendra Modi started wandering India by addressing public meetings since 15th September,2013. Each public meeting was attended by Hundred of thousands of people. Until the end of the election, Narendra Modi had addressed such nearly 450 public meetings with the same passion. More than 1000 3D holographic public meetings were another feather in his cap of credits. Throughout the entire election campaigning, Narendra Modi set the agenda and all other opposition parties followed the trail. This was the first general election in the history of India where the agenda was purely good governance and development with better policies. No matter what media and opposition says, Narendra Modi tried his best to stick to the positive campaign unlike the “stop-modi” campaign driven by all political parties.

Now, as the election results have been declared on 16th May,2014, Narendra Modi has gained a grand unprecedented victory in the history of India. He is all set to be the next PM of India.

Narendra modi with mother after 2014 victory narendra modi won 2014 elections

There is a similarity of hope that people see in Narendra Modi & the hope which Americans saw in Barack Obama. The only difference is that people of India hope for very basic facilities (better to say- basic needs) as soon as possible.

I must say, Narendra Modi will not be what Barack Obama became. We have seen his style of functioning and decision-making attitude. Rest is to be seen as time comes.

History will remain Narendra Modi as an unforgettable chapter of the world because he will serve (or rule) 7th portion of the world’s population. He is expected to have a masculine foreign policy where even China & USA will have to remain in their limits.

Time will show what Narendra Modi can do for India. All the best Sir.


“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves.”
― William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar


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