Transcendence (2014) : Much Hyped, Less Satisfactory | Comparison with ‘Her’ (2013)

What does Transcendence mean?

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The movie Transcendence released in 2014 was expected to be something out of the box with the famous actor Johny Depp (as Will Caster). It is a story about how a scientist, working on artificial intelligence, makes a breakthrough by uploading his consciousness to the software and internet in unusual circumstances. Johny Depp’s acting is doubtlessly good but what sucks is the plot and the old-wine kind of story. The story is enhanced by better visual effects, that’s the only plus point. Any Sci-Fi fan can predict the story. Rebecca Hall (as Evelyn Caster) worked good but not satisfactory. The only person who has laid his efforts in his character is no one else but Morgan Freeman (as Joseph Tagger).

Transcendence reminds of the 2013 Sci-Fi Oscar winner ‘Her’. Both of them being based on the plot of artificial intelligence, comparison is natural. At every step of the Transcendence, the story of ‘Her’ blinks in the mind. ‘Her’ is definitely much better than this movie. ‘Her’ is better in story,acting and direction. ‘Her’ has a curiosity triggering story-telling, unlike ‘Transcendence’. While watching Transcendence there comes a point where you want to discontinue the movie and forget whatever you watched!

Let’s see a quick comparison of ‘Transcendence’ & ‘Her’ in terms of budget and profit.

Transcendence (2014) Her (2013)
Budget (Estimated) $100MM $23MM
Gross (Worldwide) $56MM $42MM
Awards 1 win & 3 nominations Won 1 Oscar. Another 63 wins & 73 nominations

See the difference?

Even IMDB has rated ‘Transcendence’ 6.4 and ‘Her’ 8.1 !

What is the moral of the failure of Transcendence? : If you don’t use much VFX, it’s fine, but never compromise with the integrity and creativity of the plot. People have been watching VFX since a long time, it’s not a new thing anymore, what matters is the story.

By the way, those who are disappointed by watching Transcendence, watch ‘Her’ today!


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