‘The Mahabharata Secret’ : A Freshly Written Review

The Mahabharata Secret Cover PageAfter a long time, I got to read a fiction which is carefully mixed up with the Indian mythology and history. It was released in 2013. The writer Christopher C. Doyle has shown some fresh writing skills. Now, let’s talk about the plot of the story.

The Genre of the Book is: Historical Fiction + Indian Mythology + Suspense

The story revolves around the Asoka the Great- one of the most remarkable kings of Indian history and the present day guy named- Vijay Singh. In 244 BC Asoka discovered a secret from the time of Mahabharata Battle. He believed that the secret was so dangerous to be revealed. He tried to protect that secret and somehow he succeeded,until the Taliban of Afghanistan destructed the statues of Buddhas of Bamiyan. This event becomes a milestone in the story line of The Mahabharata Secret.

Buddha of Bamiyan were destructed by Taliban in 2001

Buddha of Bamiyan were destructed by Taliban in 2001

If you like to read about the secret societies of the world, the mythology of cultures or history, then this is your cup of tea.

The important thing about this story is that you don’t need to actually know much Indian mythology or for that sake even Indian history. The story is very simplified and enriching. Those who have no interest in history or mythology, they may be attracted to learn more about the same.

The writing style is fresh as already mentioned, but the disappointing part is the description of scenes or objects. When an excellent writer writes a description about a scene, the scene pops out of the text in front of the reader effortlessly. The reader’s mind creates an entire impression of that scene which lasts forever. This is something where the writer needs to work hard. Of course, these skills can be developed over a period of time.

The wheel of Dharma- which is mentioned innumerable times in the story

The wheel of Dharma- which is mentioned innumerable times in the story

Talking about the element of suspense and thriller, the story has got a convincing suspense but lacks thrill. The beauty of this story lies in the fact that the modern science is used to give an element of possible science fiction touch. As the writer is inspired by writers like  Jules Verne, H G Wells, Isaac Asimov and Robert Heinlein, it is no surprise that he has the grip on the scientific part of the story. You actually start thinking about the advancements of science in real world.

During reading this book, it may remind you of the Hollywood movie ‘National Treasure’. Because that movie has fantastically woven the American History with the fiction and such an attempt can be seen in Christopher’s work.


Follow the path of truth and you will find your way through any illusion.” – From The Mahabharata Secret by Christopher C. Doyle


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