My Rome is burnt : Patidar Reservation Agitation

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And it happened again. Happened in the name of Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. It took 13 long years to build this modern Rome – my dear Gujarat. It took a few hours and a few vicious words of so-called leaders to burn it.

The day was 25th day of August 2015. With the demand of reservation for the ‘Patidar’ community, a truly mega-rally was conducted in Ahmedabad. Unfortunately, the so-called leader of this revolutionary rally was led by a naive person named Hardik Patel. This person delivered a laughable but poisonous speech revealing his political vendetta (Nitish Kumar, Arvind Kejriwal and Chandrababu Naidu could be heard). What remarkable is – the unfortunate support of his community.

Until that day, every citizen residing in the state had kept mum, neither resisting nor supporting. But whatever happened on 25th August is unacceptable. The 21-22 years old Hardik Patel openly showed his immaturity and micro distant vision (actually vision word shouldn’t be used for there was no vision at all). His speech (read it as: blabbering) was provocative. Full of Arvind Kejriwal’s element- anarchism. He, himself knows that there is no way that the community can be included in the reservation quota. But, for the political mileage, a person can do anything.

Everybody knows the legal and standard procedure to apply for the reservation quota, these guys have followed none.


Hardik Patel

In the name of Hardik Patel’s detention, the people charged the policemen.

That is how it all started. The irresponsible Hardik appeals people for ‘peace’ now. What kind of peace are you talking about Hardik? Aren’t you the same guy who had blabbered: “If we will be given the reservation with love, we will accept otherwise we know how to snatch it.” These poisonous words show his poisonous mental state. No sensible person can relate his words with peace. Peaceful options were available but were intentionally not explored. A better and wise leader was missed.

This is what happens when people choose to follow an anarchist.


“If the blind lead the blind, both shall fall in the ditch.” – Jesus Christ


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